LSM is a multifaceted organization that brings encouragement, inspiration, biblical knowledge, writings and teaching to individuals through avenues such as television, internet radio, social media, workshops, conferences and public speaking.

Our mandate is to be a Conduit of Knowledge.  To take the promises God has in His Word and show others how to apply it to their lives.  “Give Believers in the Body of Christ the Word and they are armed for the day (in some cases hours!).  But teach them how to activate the Word in their lives and they will be equipped for a lifetime!”  is a quote stated by LifeSpark Ministries founder Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana.   How do we as leaders expect them to grow if they don’t know?  And how can they know, if they are not taught?

LifeSpark Ministries desires to take the ministry to individuals all over the globe and in doing so, spread the gospel of Jesus and God’s promises for a more fulfilling life to thousands.

Ministry is more than just about Church – the building.  Ministry means to serve.  Serve whom?  Others: Believers and Non-Believers, alike.

LifeSpark Ministries serves the individual that seeks encouragement.  Encouragement to grow.  Encouragement to do.  Encouragement to be. 

Look for LifeSpark Ministries to start “sparking” lives in a community near you soon!

To encourage individuals to apply the promises of God in their lives and teach them how to bear fruit.

The organization of choice for households nationwide for spiritual growth through inspirational writings, products, training, teaching, media and charitable giving.

Core Values
LifeSpark Ministries is a Christ-centered Bible-based organization.