Our Podcasts are here to encourage, guide and uplift you during your day.  Some are devotionals read from The Word For You Today but many are from our founder.  Listen to as many as you can and allow the words to transform your life – or at least get you thinking and moving!

Be Blessed!
Blessings of the Compassionate Heart

With the holiday season upon us, it is a great time to show God’s love to others. This devotional will give you a different view of the less fortunate and what compassion can do combined with Christ’s love!

Stop Waiting For Perfect Conditions Pt.3
Over and over in scripture God sent people out with what seemed like little, or inadequate resources.  But when they got to where God wanted them to be, the resources needed to get the job done were in place waiting for them. Vision doesn’t follow resources, it happens the other way around.

Are you standing on the dock waiting for the right opportunity to sail; to do what God has asked of you?  Listen, dreams don’t move toward us, we have to move toward them.  Come, let’s get you started!

 Are you bound by things of the past or lack of faith, that when God tells you to move you have to consult someone else for confirmation?  Honor the past; but don’t get stuck in it.  Stand on the truth which is Christ Jesus.
Why You Need Courage 
Your ability to demonstrate faith in the midst of difficulties will give others courage.  The battle is not just about you, it’s about those God has planned to bless through you.
Get Going! 
Have you been standing still, waiting for improved circumstances when God wants you to move on?  Get going!  While you are walking God will be working.